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Meet Assez Chic Brand Ambassadors

Meet Taelor B:
Taelor B.
Known as: Coach Taelor B.
Taelor B. is a motivator with a message to inspire the world via social media. Taelor B. does personal training, nutritional plans and is also in school to become a physical therapist.
Taelor B. decided to be apart of Assez Chic, not just to be an ambassador, but to be more of a supporter to people of her ethnicity. 
"We need more genuine people in the world to come together to support, rather than being negative towards someone else's dream." - Message from Taelor B.
Instagram: Im_taaelorb
Twitter: Im_taelorb
YouTube: Coach Taelor B.
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Meet Kayla:

Known as: Kaylag_


Kayla is a Houston native and a social media influencer. Kayla enjoys dancing and working out.Kayla graduated from Southern University with a Bachelors in Psychology in 2014. Kayla currently works as a personal trainer, located in North Houston. Kayla strives to be fit and to be a role model to other fitness gurus around her.

"Real beauty is being comfortable in your OWN skin. Live for you, dress for you, love you FIRST!" - Message from Kayla

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Meet Cheri:

Known as: Cherihoustonsthegoddessss32


Cheri (32) is a multi-published model with her own reality show, radio show, and talk show. Cheri is also a rapper and actress. Cheri is a wife and a mother. Cheri's passion is entertainment, Cheri is the ambassador of #TeamDarkSkin, which is located in Houston, Texas. Cheri's goal is to be wealthy in order to care for her family. Cheri is originally from California; however, she was raised in Houston, Texas. 

"Never all;o anyone to tell you what you cannot do. you have to believe in yourself first, and then make a believer out of everyone else!" - Message from Cheri

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Meet Lo:

Known as: LoLexii09


Lo (27) is from Yazoo City, Mississippi and is a mother of twins. Lo enjoys cooking, looking good, laughing, and listening to people. Lo co-owns a work from home call cente, known as, A&T Dreamers, LLC. Lo is also th owner of LoLaux Extensions, where she specializes in: wig making, custom coloring, and virgin hair sells. Lo is known as a go getter and she believes that "If you DREAM it, YOU can ACHIEVE it!

"I have seen many downfalls, but through FAITH, I have conquered all! hard work and dedication has gotten me far, and right now, the is no letting down!" - Message from Lo

Snapchat: Lolexii09
Facebook: Aloysia Gates
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Meet Taylor J.:

Known as: CrownMeCutie


Taylor (24) is a dental assistant and fashionista powerhouse. Taylor has a passion for modeling, and four years of experience, promoting quality brands, modeling, taking photo shoots, and walking the runway. Taylor is best described as determined and fearless. With many goals set to uplift the youth, Taylor is perfecting her craft in preparation. Taylor was raised in South Atlanta, but is now considered a Houstonian!

"I will not be stopped!" - Message from Taylor

Snapchat: @TheCrownMeCutie
Youtube: @C&TTV
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